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BULK BUY - 20 Bars UNWRAPPED 120g Bar Soap


Save money with our bulk buy, these soaps are UNWRAPPED.


Great bargain with each soap costing ONLY $3.75


Value for money - Each bar weighs 120g and has been air drying for 6 months (minimum).... I don't sell soap that washes away quickly, they won't go soggy or fall apart.. Im sure you will love these soaps and find they do more than just clean your skin - they will help to maintain natural your oils and keep your skin soft.


Soaps are available in fragrance free (NATURAL) or fragranced +/- coloured.




Ingredients: Olive Oil, Goat's Milk Sodium Hydroxide


(Fragrance and/or colour in all soaps other than NATURAL)




Your parcel will be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to keep your items safe during delivery.

Feel free to mix your 20 bars, Please list your fragrance choice here

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