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BULK BUY - 30 Bars UNWRAPPED 120g Bar Soap


Save money with our bulk buy, these soaps are UNWRAPPED .

This is the best bargain with each soap costing ONLY $3.50

Value for money - Each bar weighs 120g and has been air drying for 6 months (minimum).... I don't sell soap that washes away quickly, they won't go soggy or fall apart.. Im sure you will love these soaps and find they do more than just clean your skin - they will help to maintain natural your oils and keep your skin soft.

Soaps are available in fragrance free (NATURAL) or fragranced +/- coloured. 

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Goat's Milk Sodium Hydroxide

(Fragrance and/or colour in all soaps other than NATURAL)

Your parcel will be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to keep your items safe during delivery. 

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